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Orthopedic Surgical Instruments

  Pacific Instruments    
   Holger Gruenert       
   438 Hobron Lane Suite 204
   Honolulu, Hawaii  96815
   Tel: +1-808-941-8880
   Fax: +1-808-941-8833

With over 17 years in the orthopedic surgical instrument industry, Founder and President Holger Gruenert brings more than technical expertise in leading Pacific Instruments to be a major player in the industry. Pacific Instruments has established a global presence by working with suppliers and OEM customers across the United States and worldwide. We commit to this philosophy:
  •  Focus on the customer by providing superior, personalized service;
  • Provide precise, reliable, and safe orthopedic surgical instruments that comply with strict Quality Assurance standards;
  • Design innovative surgical instruments to be at the forefront of orthopedics; and
  • Pride itself on maintaining and expanding the strength of its business relationships to bring the customer the best possible value.
  Located in Honolulu, Hawaii since 2005, we are proud to share the warm aloha spirit with our industry.