Weihnachten - Christmas in Germany

Many Christmas Traditions are similar to the those in the United States and here in Hawaii. Of course some are different.

One of the Traditions we would love to introduce to Hawaii is a German-Style Christmas Market - Christkindlmarkt.

Advent and Christmas in Germany are a time for traditional, family celebrations. Even in today's consumer-oriented and hectic world―or maybe because of it―the Christmas season is still considered a time for togetherness and simple pleasures. Christmas Eve, called Heiligabend, is the day that final decorations are put on the tree and families gather to share presents. Both December 25 and 26 are official holidays.

We invite you to visit here each day from December 1 to 24 to open a new window and discover German music, recipes, stories, and crafts that we hope will bring a touch of German Christmas tradition to your holiday season. There are even a few games this year. (Mobile users may have to turn your device sideways in order to display the full image.)